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As you begin to place more and more text elements onto your website, you may find yourself wanting to incorporate bold or italic properties ing your text elements. HTML offers a handful of special tags that can be utilized to do just that:

			      <p>An example of <b>Bold Text</b></p>
			    <p>An example of <em>Emphasized Text</em></p>
			    <p>An example of <strong>Strong Text</strong></p>
			    <p>An example of <i>Italic Text</i></p>
			    <p>An example of <sup>superscripted Text</sup></p>
			    <p>An example of <sub>subscripted Text</sub></p>
			    <p>An example of <del>struckthrough Text</del></p>
			    <p>An example of <code>Computer Code Text</code></p>