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Script Element

The primary method of inserting JavaScript into an HTML page is via the <script> element.

There are six attributes for the <script> element:

Attribute Optional Meaning
async Optional script should begin downloading immediately but should not prevent other actions such as downloading resources or waiting for other scripts to load. Valid only for external script files.
charset Optional The character set of the code specified using the src attribute. rarely used, because most browsers don't honor its value.
defer Optional execution of the script can safely be deferred until after the document's content has been completely parsed and displayed. Valid only for external scripts.
language Deprecated indicate the scripting language being used by the code block ("JavaScript", "JavaScript 1.2", or "VBScript"). Most browsers ignore this attribute.
src Optional an external file that contains code to be executed.
type Optional Replaces language; indicates the content type (MIME type) of the scripting language being used by the code block. Traditionally, this value has always been text/javascript", "text/javascript" and "text/ecmascript" are deprecated. This attribute is safe to omit, as "text/javascript" is assumed when missing.