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All Computer Word List with Full Form

All Computer Word List with Full Form

In this page you have search from the all the computer list with their full form you can show and any other word which i have forgot you can write in the commect box . thanks

Full Form of all computer related words :

PAN : Personal Area Network

LAN : Local Area Network

CAN : Campus Area Network

WAN : Wide Area Network

MAN : Metropolition area network

WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network

GAN : Global Area Network

VPN : Virtual Private Network

CSMA/CD : Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detect

OSI : Open System Interconnect

FTP : File Transfer Protocol

TELNET : Terminal Network

SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

DNS : Domain Name Service

DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

APIPA : Automatic Private Internet Protocol Address

IANA : Internet Assign Number Authority

TFTP : Trivial File Transfer Protocol

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

POP3 : Post Office Protocol Version 3

HTTPS : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

ASCII : American Standard Code For Information Interchange

JPEG : Joint Picture Expert Group

MPEG : Motion Picture Expert Group

MIDI : Musical Instrument Digital Interface

BMP : Bit Map Picture

WAV : Window Audio Video

RPC : Remote Procedure Cell

SQL : Structured query language

NFS : Network File System

TCP : Transmission Control Protocol

UDP : User Datagram Protocol

PDU : Protocol Data Unit

RIP : Routing Information Protocol

IGRP : Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

EIGRP : Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

OSPF : Open Shortest Path First

LLC : Logic Line Control

MAC : Media Access Control

WEP : Wired Equivalent Privacy

WIFI : Wireless Fidility

WPA : Wi-fi Protected Access

UTP : Unshielded Tristed Pair

STP : Shielded Tristed Pair

EMI : Electro Megnatic Interface

RFI : Radio Frequency Interface

SMF : Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

MMF : Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

SC : Subscriber Connector

ST : Straight Tip

LC : Local Connector

MTRJ : Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack

NIC : Network Interface Card

WNIC : Wireless Network Interface Card

MODEM : Modulator Demodulator

ASICS : Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ARP : Address Resolution Protocol

RARP : Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

DSL : Digital Subscriber Line

BIA : Build In Address

IP : Internet Protocol

DDN : Digital Divide Network

FLSM : Fixed Length Subnet Mask

SSH : Secure Shell

IMAPV : Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4

ICMP : Internet Control Message Protocol

TFTP : Trivial File Transfer Protocol

DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

SWMP : Session Initilation Protocol

LPD : Line Printer Darmon

SIP : Session Initilation Protocol

IANA : Internet Assign Number Authority