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trace email

trace email

How to trace an Email :

Tracing an Email means locating the Original Sender and Getting to know the IP address of the network from which the Email was actually generated.

To get the information about the sender of the Email we first must know the structure of the Email.

As we all know the travelling of the Email. Each message has exactly one header, which is structured into fields. Each field has a name and a value. Header of the Email contains all the valuable information about the path and the original sender of the Email.

For tracing an email Address You need to go to your email account and log into the email which you want to trace after that you have to find the header file of the email which is received by you.

Gmail :

Now see from bottom to top and the first IP address you find is the IP address of the sender.

Once you have the IP Address of the sender, go to the any ip location website and enter this ip address .

Site you can find ip location www.ip2location.com this site.

Site you can find ip location www.iplocation.net this site.