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addcslashes function

addcslashes — Quote string with slashes in a C style


string addcslashes ( string $str , string $charlist )

Returns a string with backslashes before characters that are listed in charlist parameter.

str - The string to be escaped.

charlist - A list of characters to be escaped. If charlist contains characters \n, \r etc., they are converted in C-like style, while other non-alphanumeric characters with ASCII codes lower than 32 and higher than 126 converted to octal representation.

When you define a sequence of characters in the charlist argument make sure that you know what characters come between the characters that you set as the start and end of the range.

					echo addcslashes('foo[ ]', 'A..z');
					// output:  \f\o\o\[ \]
					// All upper and lower-case letters will be escaped


		  		\f\o\o\[ \]		  

Be careful if you choose to escape characters 0, a, b, f, n, r, t and v. They will be converted to \0, \a, \b, \f, \n, \r, \t and \v, all of which are predefined escape sequences in C. Many of these sequences are also defined in other C-derived languages, including PHP, meaning that you may not get the desired result if you use the output of addcslashes() to generate code in those languages with these characters defined in charlist.

charlist like "\0..\37", which would escape all characters with ASCII code between 0 and 31.

Example 1

					$str="Welcome to studentsempire";  
					echo "Your String : ".$str;  
					echo "<br>"."By using 'addcslashes()' method your string: ".addcslashes($str,'T')."<br>"; 


		  		Your String : Welcome to studentsempire
By using 'addcslashes()' method your string: Welcome to studentsempire

Example 2

					$str="Welcome to studentsempire";  
					echo "Your String : ".$str;  
					echo "<br>"."By using 'addcslashes()' method your string: ".addcslashes($str,'a')."<br>"; 


		  		Your String : Welcome to studentsempire<br>By using 'addcslashes()' method your string: Welcome to studentsempire<br>		  

Example 3

					$str ="Welcome to studentsempire"."<br>";  
					echo "$str";  
					echo addcslashes($str,'A..Z')."<br>"; 


		  		Welcome to studentsempire
\Welcome to studentsempire

Example 4

					$str ="Welcome to studentsempire"."<br>";  
					echo "$str";  
					echo addcslashes($str,'a..z')."<br>";  


		  		Welcome to studentsempire
W\e\l\c\o\m\e \t\o \s\t\u\d\e\n\t\s\e\m\p\i\r\e<\b\r>

Example 5

					$str ="Welcome to studentsempire";  
					echo "Your string value is: ".$str."<br>";  
					echo "By using addcslashes() Function your value is : ".addcslashes($str,'a..m');   


		  		Your string value is: Welcome to studentsempire
By using addcslashes() Function your value is : W\e\l\co\m\e to stu\d\ents\e\mp\ir\e

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